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"Christine was a very attentive and knowledgeable person to work with. She was practical and as such provided me with specific changes I could apply to my diet to improve my health. She was able to prioritise changes I needed to make in my daily eating routine to achieve my goals. In my follow-up meetings with her, she had gone beyond the call of duty by doing additional research on potential causes to my troubles. Last but not least, Christine was flexible enough to listen to my concerns and adopt those to the recommendations she made. I highly recommend her."


"After I discovered I was intolerant to gluten and dairy, I had a limited diet that prioritised food that did not trigger my symptoms. I believed I was eating healthily because avoiding these foods meant I felt well (or at least better). I went to see Christine to see if there could be a way of re-introducing these “forbidden foods” back into my diet. Christine conducted a wide-ranging and thorough investigation into why I may have developed these intolerances. I was so impressed with the expertise and energy she invested in exploring the medical issues with which I had struggled with and formulated a plan for tackling the problem at its root. With Christine’s help I realised that within this restricted diet I had a wealth of healthy eating choices and I could ask much more from the food I eat.   Christine’s approach is so much more encompassing than providing a list of healthy foods and drink. She took the time to listen to my concerns and understand my lifestyle and her recommendations were pragmatic and tailored to suit my situation; the suggestions were easy-to-implement ways of making healthy choices. She invested a huge amount of time and effort into identifying achievable goals and was always encouraging and keen to build on my own experiences. I really enjoyed our sessions and the lasting legacy is that I continue to enjoy the benefits of eating and drinking well."



​​Prior to my first visit with Christine, I was experiencing inflammation in my second metatarsal discovered in an MRI. I had two cortisone injections that did not work well.  It was then that I sought her expertise to help manage my symptoms and reduce inflammation naturally. ​ Christine gathered information through a formal process where she took copious notes, asked smart questions, and listened well. Afterward, she sent me a comprehensive report with practical and simple suggestions.  She also ordered additional functional tests, which uncovered specific unbalances and helped with a comprehensive approach to my overall health and wellbeing. ​ I have known Christine for several years and she is highly intelligent and compassionate, with sound knowledge in her field and keen analytical skills.  I also trust her and feel comfortable telling her everything.  This is very important to me in order to work with any practitioner. ​ Since working with her & following her guidance, right down to the best brands to buy for supplements, I now feel much better, have less pain and am very grateful!

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